My Characters

Bhaic Cathmore Dahman

The man born twice and cursed with ever-lasting life, Bhaic has had a long and dramatic life from the start. From slaying undead as an agent of Death itself to hunting down rogue mages as the leader of the Blackguard, his tale is as long as it is twisting.

Senra Aeri Isabel Gaelyn

From peasant to Sky Captain, Senra has went from a small, timid girl to the proud leader of a civilisation living amongst the clouds. From the floating isles of Dera, Senra leads a thriving settlement of engineers and aeromancers towards the foundations of a great sky kingdom.

Aveline Valerie Sarah Laiwynn

Born and raised in the highest class society as the daughter of a king, Aveline has lived her life in her brother's shadow. With the determination to make a name for herself without her family's history hanging over her shoulders, Aveline took on her mother's maiden name and set out to create a legacy of her own.

Pyrhddea Cel'kath

Growing up in the rougher parts of society, Pyrhddea quickly learnt to toughen up for her own safety. Her adept skill with terramancy, as well as her toughened exterior, made her a perfect fit as a mercenary and bodyguard.